Intertwine Interactive is pleased to announce that Steve Manes has become a highly anticipated member of the Intertwine Interactive team. Steve Manes‘ role at Intertwine is specializing in the management of affiliate programs in a wide variety of industries, driving an impressive total of over $12 million annually in affiliate sales for their clients. Leveraging his relationships with many top tier affiliate partners, he’s able to quickly build and expand on a program that drives new revenue and customers to his clients’ websites.

Intertwine Interactive was born in 2006 with a passion and a purpose. Their seamless approach to online marketing intertwines their experts with your team to craft and implement a personalized strategy that powers results – results that connect your business to new customers and a brighter future. Intertwine offers a comprehensive list of online marketing services that includes SEO, PPC, Social Media, Comparison Shopping, Affiliate Management and Customer Remarketing.

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