Cross Electronic Recycling Announces Frank Bartlett as Commercial Recycling Director

Cross Electronic Recycling ( is proud to announce and welcome Frank Bartlett as its new commercial recycling director. Frank will manage business-to-business partnerships and oversee recycling and refurbishing processes of commercial products to divert large amounts of e-waste from reaching landfills.

The company provides expert advice on disposing of commercial e-waste, free estimates, and secure data destruction. All disposal processes adhere to the highest industry standards, regulations, and corporate compliance plans that pertain to recycling and refurbishing electronics. Pickup services are available for the removal of commercial e-waste. To schedule a pickup or learn more about the company’s commercial recycling services, contact Frank at (402) 590-2100 or

Cross Electronic Recycling is operated and owned by the Cross Training Center, an Omaha-based nonprofit organization whose mission is to empower and equip undereducated and unemployed adults through character development, vocational training, and work experience. Students enrolled in the program learn industry specific skills through four businesses –– Cross Electronic Recycling, Cross Social Hall, Redeemed Computers & Electronics, and Cross Automotive. The provided work experience guides students to become employed on a career path and financially independent in the community. To learn more, visit