Santa Monica House Opens New Program December 1, Completes Continuum of Care

Santa Monica ( is excited to open a new program on December 1 that will complete their continuum of care for adult women. This program will offer a new level of care, a level 3.3 Intermediate Residential. This program will be equipped with dedicated and professional staff 24/7, and will be the primary treatment experience before
stepping down into their other levels of care. They will also provide one-on-one licensed counseling, group therapy, life skills, and support networking to prepare women for the next step of the process.

A woman under their umbrella of care can be with them for up to two years as they progress through the programs available, increasing their chances for long term successful recovery. Each program is designed to partner with women on their recovery journey, empowering them to live productively, drug and alcohol free. Other programs at Santa Monica House include a halfway house, ¾ way house, and Supported Transitional Living apartments.

Founded in 1972, Santa Monica House has partnered with over 3,000 women on their journey to recovery from addiction and alcoholism. Reuniting families, reintegrating productive women to the community, and providing exceptional service has been the vision of Santa Monica and continues to be for the future. They utilize evidence-based curriculum, trauma informed care, and strength-based approaches. For more information, visit, or contact Heather Kirk at (402) 558-7088 /