Dreamweaver Foundation Represented by Omaha Runner at 2019 Boston Marathon

As a designated John Hancock Boston Marathon Non-Profit, Dreamweaver Foundation (dreamweaver.org) was issued a bib for the 2019 Boston Marathon on April 15. Aaron Schaben from Carson Group will be running on behalf of the organization, in hopes of raising money to fulfill Dreamweaver’s mission of supporting seniors who are terminally ill.

As part of the principal sponsorship of the Boston Marathon, John Hancock donates hundreds of guaranteed invitational entries each year to select non-profits through the Marathon Non-Profit Program. Organizations use these entries to recruit individual runners who pledge to raise money for their cause. In 2018 over a thousand John Hancock sponsored runners raised $13.1 million for charity. 2019 will mark the 34th year of John Hancock’s landmark sponsorship of the legendary Boston Marathon. John Hancock’s continued support of the Boston Athletic Association, which has directed the race since 1897, ensures the stability of the world’s oldest annual marathon.

Support Aaron Schaben and the Dreamweaver Foundation by going to www.crowdrise.com/o/en/campaign/aarons-run-for-dreams and making a gift. In doing so, you too will help make lifelong dreams come true for seniors!

Dreamweaver Foundation is on track to grant 100 dreams this year alone. With each dream requiring a $5,000 investment, you will help ensure that requests can continue to be fulfilled. All donations are eligible for a business receipt from Dreamweaver Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization. Through your generosity, you make possible incredible experiences that seniors will never forget. Learn more about the foundation online at dreamweaver.org or call (402) 697-5471.