Domesti-PUPS Shifts I Love My Dog Expo to April 17-18, at Lancaster Event Center

If you love your dog—and who doesn’t?—mark your calendars for the Domesti-PUPS ( “I Love My Dog Expo,” which was recently rescheduled to April 17-18 at the Lancaster Event Center. Originally scheduled for February, the COVID-driven rescheduling means you have a little extra time to plan your attendance! The I Love My Dog Expo is a family-style, dog-friendly event featuring the positive aspects of responsible dog ownership, as well as the principles of proper dog selection and training. The event offers a vast array of dog-related products and services, as well as educational demonstrations. Dog lovers of all ages will enjoy a fun-filled day, including entertainment from numerous vendors with all sorts of fun products for dog lovers.

Given that the I Love My Dog Expo is an annual benefit for DomestiPUPS, the organization also is seeking dog-loving corporate sponsors for the event. Domesti-PUPS is a community organization that provides service dogs for persons with disabilities, pet-therapy programs, classroom dogs, and educational programs. Information about how Domesti-PUPS employs man’s best friend to impact our communities also will be available throughout the event, serving as a catalyst to help the general public better understand and appreciate the ways that dogs improve our lives.

For more information about the Domesti-PUPS I Love My Dog Expo, visit, or contact Michelle O’Dea at To learn more about Domesti-PUPS or to volunteer, visit