Cross Electronic Recycling Partners with Offices, Churches, and Schools for Host Sites

Cross Electronic Recycling ( is offering the community a chance to make a meaningful impact by partnering with workplaces, churches, and schools to host an electronic collection event. The trusted e-waste company ensures easy and safe disposal of electronics for individuals and through hosted community collection events. These events can be scheduled year-round, and Cross Electronic Recycling is currently booking for summer and fall! Proper disposal of electronics protects the environment by diverting toxic materials from reaching landfills.

Cross Electronic Recycling is owned and operated by the Cross Training Center, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to empower and equip undereducated and unemployed adults through character development, vocational training, and work experience. Students enrolled in the program learn skills they need to become employed on a career path and financially independent in the community. To schedule a collection event or learn more about the program, visit / or contact Dan Lang at (402) 590-2100 /