Buddy Benches Arrive at Elkhorn Elementary Schools

The Elkhorn Optimist Club (www.optimist.org) is pleased to announce the success of the Buddy Bench Project, which resulted in numerous benches being donated to elementary schools in Elkhorn on behalf of the organization.

Allowing children to become Champions of Kindness, the Buddy Bench is a playground tool that provides an everyday opportunity to practice empathy, be kind, and lets children show that they care for one another. A dedication ceremony was held to recognize the donations and educate the public about their purpose and the corresponding curriculum at Firespring Elementary School on Sept. 8.

The Elkhorn community, including individual citizens and corporate sponsors such as Methodist Health Systems, all came together to ensure this project became a reality. Together, an investment was made in the kids of our community to help them build a stronger character. Special thanks are extended to everyone who donated time and money to this project.

The Elkhorn Optimist Club is an Elkhorn-based volunteer group that focuses on elevating the youth of Elkhorn. This goal is accomplished through various projects including honoring a Student of the Month at various elementary schools, providing free community events such as a Punt Pass Kick Event, and donation projects that foster a sense of community among the Youth of Elkhorn. Find out more online at www.optimist.org or contact Jason Gustafsun at (402) 672-9395 / elkhornoptimist@gmail.com