In 2022, MICAH House served 146 families and 249 single women experiencing the crisis of homelessness. This included 34,729 meals served and 33,500 nights of shelter. MICAH House provides essential needs and works closely with individuals to put together wellness goals.

When adults stay at MICAH House, they are able to take classes that align with wellness goals and interests. In the past, partners have included TS Bank teaching finances, Opera Omaha providing therapeutic group expression, and Rose Theater facilitating classes for children during the BUDDY program.

The most recent partnership is with CHI Health Mercy Hospital and Exsurgo to address trauma and mental health using neuro-feedback. Using brain wave monitors, they have developed a program that is used to address symptoms of PTSD, anxiety, chronic pain, and sleep disruption among MICAH House clients. The program allows individuals experiencing those symptoms to address their traumas in a non-invasive, evidence-based manner. Overtime, this can resolve inefficiencies in brainwave patterns that underlie mental health and physiological conditions.

MICAH House continues to explore trauma-informed wellness options for children and adults staying at MICAH House, endeavoring to help instill experiences and tools that make an impact.

For more information about MICAH House program partnerships contact Angie Williams, the MICAH House program director at (712) 323-4416 x 2103 or email