Network Provides Increased Effectiveness in Care at Nebraska Cancer Specialists

Understanding how cancer behaves at the molecular level is helping oncologists treat cancer smarter. In order to provide the most advanced cancer treatment in the world, Nebraska Cancer Specialists ( is a member of The Caris Centers of Excellence for Precision Medicine Network (“COE Network”). The network consists of leading cancer centers that have demonstrated a commitment to precise medicine and who work collaboratively to advance the delivery of tumor profiling and establish standards of care for profiling solid tumors.

Nebraska Cancer Specialists utilizes the network’s tumor profiling service called Caris Molecular Intelligence to uncover “targets” or biomarkers in cancer and identify cancer therapies that may fight cancer more effectively.

As the first to offer comprehensive molecular profiling in oncology, Caris Molecular Intelligence is an industry leader, with 85,000-plus tumors profiled and counting. Caris Molecular Intelligence correlates molecular data from a patient’s tumor with drug targets derived from clinical cancer studies resulting in a Personalized Tumor Profile. Using a variety of advanced technologies, molecular information for approximately 60 FDA-approved drug associations are provided allowing Nebraska Cancer Specialist physicians to tailor specific treatments.

Nebraska Cancer Specialists is a subspecialty practice of 13 collaborating physicians who are devoted to oncology and hematology, providing state of the art medical treatment and compassionate care in both outpatient offices and hospital settings. For more information about Nebraska Cancer Specialists, please visit