CenterPointe Providing Beacon of Hope via Programs More Tailored to Youth, Families

Among the newer services offered at CenterPointe’s ( outpatient facility are ones specifically tailored to providing a beacon of hope to youth and their families. That includes outpatient therapy, family therapy, Parenting Magic 1, 2, 3, and group therapy. For all youth and family services, walk-ins are welcome, or you can call to make an appointment. And when it comes to results, nothing speaks louder than firsthand stories from people who have already participated in CenterPointe’s Youth and Family Program, like this one:

“I came to CenterPointe after being hospitalized,” an individual participant said. “There was a lot of buzz going on in my head, and I was really struggling with day-to-day functioning. Coming home from the hospital, even with the partial programs provided, seemed daunting. Having a supportive network of peers and staff to meet with so often, when coming out of such a vulnerable place, was exactly what I needed in order to adjust back into my surroundings. The skills I learned during my time in the group continue to help me see things through a different lens and give me new options on how to approach my mental health.”

CenterPointe is a nonprofit organization that offers a broad continuum of nearly 40 care programs for the disadvantaged, individuals and families facing homelessness, and those with mental health challenges. For more information, visit To make an appointment for youth and family services programs, call (402) 475-5161.