Catholic Charities of Omaha Hold Hunger Doesn’t Take a Vacation Campaign


Schools provide many underprivileged children two of their meals each day during the school year. When school is out, these meals aren’t available, and many of these children go hungry. And when there isn’t enough food, many families turn to the Catholic Emergency Food Pantries at St. Martin de Porres Center and the Juan Diego Center.

That’s why Catholic Charities holds its Hunger Doesn’t Take a Vacation campaign each year to address the increased need and assist as many as possible.  To donate, please go online at, mail a check to Catholic Charities at 3300 N. 60th St, Omaha, NE 68104, or by texting ‘empower’ to 50555 on your cell phone (donations are $10 each).

Learn more about the Hunger Doesn’t Take a Vacation campaign, Catholic Charities of Omaha’s food pantries, and facts about seasonal hunger on the Catholic Charities of Omaha website,