UNICO MIDLANDS Announces Broker Contract with CoOportunity Health in Nebraska

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UNICO MIDLANDS is excited to announce that after a comprehensive review process, they have received a broker contract with CoOportunity Health for the state of Nebraska.  CoOportunity Health’s entrance in the market is significant, as they offer a new business model and a diverse portfolio of under-65 health plans for individuals and families, small employer groups, and large fully-insured or self-funded employers.  Furthermore, CoOportunity Health is committed to serving Nebraska health care insurance programs.   They believe employers and individuals will need help in navigating the new health insurance market – especially with the multitude of changes on the horizon.  For more information, please visit their website at www.cooportunityhealth.com.

The mission at UNICO MIDLANDS is providing clients with viable options to serve their diverse health care needs combined with a unique level of support. We believe consumers will need a trusted advisor to help them make this critical financial purchase; someone providing sound, well-informed, impartial, and appropriate guidance.

For more information about UNICO MIDLANDS, please contact Rebekah Stanfield at (402) 434-7216 or by email at rstanfield@unicogroup.com.  You can also visit their website at unicogroup.com.

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