Bryan Dring, owner and Thermographer of ThermaScan Solutions, a local infrared inspection company, recently received the most prestigious certification that is available to thermographers by completing a combination of coursework, experience, and both national and international testing. He has reached the Level III thermography certification which is compared to a PHD.

This certification requires a combination of data collection, analysis and reporting, formal education, testing and previous published work.  Currently, Bryan Dring is one of less than 60 people in the nation and less than 150 in the world who hold this level of certification.

Dring started ThermaScan Solutions in 2004 with a Level II certification and introduced the Omaha Metro area to thermography.  Dring has 26 years of experience in machine technology and maintenance planning with a large international company and several years of experience in building.

This certification allows him to inspect nuclear power plants and he is the only person in the state of Nebraska qualified to do so.
As the most qualified Thermographer in a multi-state region, Dring is able to track air and moisture leaks to their source and provide a comprehensive energy audit including calculating energy savings. ThermaScan Solutions also offers electrical, mechanical commercial, industrial, residential and aerial inspections.

For more information about ThermaScan Solutions, please call Bryan Dring at (402) 964-2400.  He can also be reached by email at You can also visit their company website at