Rise Stronger Ministry (www.risestrongergroup.com) is excited to share their upcoming workshop, I AM WHO HE SAYS I AM. It will be at 8251 Pioneer’s Blvd in Lincoln from 8:30 a.m. to noon on October 7. The goal of this event is to build faith by identifying what every victorious woman and girl must believe and confess. Now more than ever, the world needs YOUR inspiration, joy, uniqueness and courage! You are here for such a time as this.

Together, you will turn focus away from what the world holds as a standard regarding who you should or shouldn’t be. Instead, you will focus on the Word and be reminded of who God says you ARE, a daughter of the King, beautifully and wonderfully made.

There will be music, praise, fellowship and the presence of the Holy Spirit. You will leave the event refreshed and inspired. Registration for this event is FREE and open to women/girls ages 12 years and older. To register, please visit www.risestrongergroup.com.

Rise Stronger Events are a place where people can be spiritually empowered to boldly seek God with grace. The community values the faith it takes to persevere in order to stand tall with purpose. To learn more about Rise Stronger, please visit www.risestrongergroup.com or contact Stephanie Johnson at info@risestrongergroup.com.