James Wagner, founder of ®PERFORMERSUSA, based in Omaha, announced the release of a song from his CD dedicated to the great lifestyle and city of Omaha-“Omaha You’re Calling Me.” “Omaha is such a great city, yet has no song dedicated to its richness and beauty” explains James Wagner. “When I wrote the song it came from the heart and my love for the city. It was thrilling to hear Joyce Torchia add her magical voice and personal touch to the lyrics and melody. It is my hope that it becomes Omaha’s theme song that is heard by tourists, residents, sports fans, concert goers’ radio and TV audiences. Who knows we could be the first city with a theme song in the country,” concluded Wagner.

James Wagner is a Guitarist / Vocalist, songwriter, an ASCAP publisher, and the producer of season one of “Nebraska’s Got Talent”.

For more information about ®PERFORMERSUSA please contact Andy Greenberg at (402) 250-3895 or you can hear the music at www.omahasong.com/the_music_the_music.htm.