NuMale Medical Center, The Experts in Men’s Health, announces the opening of their newest specialty clinic in Nebraska to focus on the diagnosis and treatment of the entire array of problems affecting male sexual health and wellness. Headed by Dr. Christopher Asandra, MD and Dr. Carlos Feliciano, MD, the clinic is located in the beautiful Regency area of Omaha and will be offering treatments such as Low-T Hormone Replacement and Priapus™ shot among others.  Private consultations will be available at an initial discount to discuss concerns about erectile dysfunction (ED), Low-T, Premature Ejaculation (PE) and others. The doctors say that they will begin a unique approach for those suffering at any level from conditions affecting male sexual performance and fulfillment, with a tailored treatment approach designed for each patient’s needs and taking into consideration any already existing medical conditions. Treatments include use of FDA approved medications for testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), treatment for erectile dysfunction (either lack of or partial erections), and premature ejaculation. Treatments offered by the NuMale Medical Center have been demonstrated to be 98% effective.

NuMale Medical Center is offering new patients a $99 consultation to introduce their focused set of services to Nebraska men. For more information about NuMale Medical Center or to schedule a consultation, please call (402) 615-9566, email, or visit