Nebraska Community Foundation Publicizes Nebraska Transfer of Wealth Study

Nebraska Community Foundation (NCF, announced the findings of their 2021 Nebraska Transfer of Wealth Study, documenting more than $100 billion in Nebraska wealth passing from one generation to another over the next 10 years. Over 50 years, the figure swells to $950 billion.

The 2021 study is the third in as many decades and will be a vital tool in inspiring Greater Nebraskans to think about their communities in bigger terms. Scenarios are driven by assumptions about the future, based on historical trends, census data, increasing agricultural land values, household income, and other key indicators. There is always a transfer from generation to generation, as parents pass away and leave their estate to their children, but if the heirs no longer live where they grew up, those critical resources leave as well. Importantly, many Nebraska counties are approaching or are already in the midst of their peak transfer years. The Transfer of Wealth Study illustrates the real urgency to act now.

The unveiling of the study findings also marks the beginning of NCF’s Five to Thrive campaign, which urges Nebraskans to consider gifting 5% of their estate to their hometown. Just 5% would amount to more than $5 billion in the next decade—and $47.5 billion over the next half-century.

A detailed, interactive map on the Nebraska Community Foundation’s website,, breaks down the potential transfer amounts by county and includes information on confirmed planned gifts, total endowed assets, community success stories, and more. A toolkit will help NCF affiliated funds make the most of this auspicious moment.