With the current focus on safety at home and in the workplace, gun safety training has been the driving topic of discussion.  Many feel that there is a severe lack in proper training for the average gun owner, and with the recent rise in firearm ownership, this lack of training can prove to present a larger issue.

Leonum Advisors have recognized the need to expand their safety training by partnering with Illinois based Spartan Tactical Training Group.  The partnership will provide potential and current Omaha firearm owners with multiple training options beginning with a women only firearm safety training course.

This women-only firearm safety training course is the first of several training courses to come.  Some of these courses include:  Introduction to firearms, concealed carrying deployment and tactics, emergency self-aid for trauma, and numerous advanced firearms courses.

For more information about Leonum Advisors contact them at info@leonum.com or 800.604.2503 / 402.718.9399.