Inclusion Analytics (IA, is excited to announce a new suite of services. IA is a small, 100% women-owned business that offers data-driven diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) support for businesses. New services in 2023 include inclusive policy reviews, pay gap/pay equity analyses, workforce forecasting, program evaluations, differential analysis previously collected survey data, adverse impact assessments and speaking engagements focused on the use of data in DEI.

IA will continue to offer customized DEI assessments that help businesses explore their policies, practices and organizational culture to drive meaningful change. Their new services aim to expand the ways that businesses use data to maximize the impact of their DEI initiatives.

“Businesses often have a treasure trove of data but may not be staffed to optimize it. From workforce demographics stored in the HRIS to employee engagement survey results, we transform data into insights and clear next steps,” says IA Co-founder Laura Brooks Dueland.

At Inclusion Analytics, their vision is to create workplaces that work for all. Using a foundation of the latest in DEI advancements and research-driven methods to understand where organizations are along their diversity, equity and inclusion journeys, they identify their next best step – or first step – to creating a more diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace. Co-founders Laura and Emily have developed and administered tools based on the best science and practices used by thousands of employees across more than 50 businesses. Reach out to Laura Brooks Dueland at or visit their website at for more information.