Budget Car and Truck Rental Launches Exciting New Long-Term Rental Program

The locally owned Budget Car and Truck Rental of Nebraska (BudgetNebraska. com/long-term-rental) recently announced the launch of its exciting new Long-Term Rental Program to serve as an alternative to leasing or purchasing a car. Individuals or businesses can rent a new-model vehicle with a commitment of anywhere from two months to multiple years at discounted rates, with 3,000 monthly miles included, access to a concierge rental agent, use of their own auto insurance, and free airport parking when traveling. The new program is a perfect fit for people who normally used public transportation but are not comfortable doing so in light of the pandemic, for college students unexpectedly at home more than usual, for people without dependable vehicles for winter travel, and for companies who use vehicles for business or want to provide company cars or trucks to employees.

Rates for the Long-Term Rental Program start as low as $549 a month for a new model, and renters may add a spouse or employee from the same company at the time of rental and purchase additional miles, if needed. The only deposit required is 50% of the monthly rental rate, and it’s refundable. You can use your existing auto-insurance policy and list Budget as an additional insured or, if you prefer, Budget Nebraska can assist you with a referral to an agent.

Although Budget Rent a Car is an internationally recognized brand, you might not know that Budget Car and Truck Rental of Nebraska is actually a 33-year-old local family business owned by A Betterway Rent-a-Car group and run by Omaha resident Rob Durrett, so when you become a customer, you’re also supporting local business! Whether you are in need of a vehicle for a day, a week, months, or years, Budget Nebraska will take great care of you. For more information, visit BudgetNebraska. com/long-term-rental or call (402) 898-7250.