A combination of five brands—AmSan, Cleansource, JanPak, Trayco and Sexauer—have become SupplyWorks (www.supplyworks.com) a new national brand, focused on serving institutional and commercial customers nationwide. SupplyWorks is a leading national provider of integrated facility maintenance solutions. They are a solutions-focused provider, with a complete range of janitorial and building maintenance supplies. They help a wide array of customers; including offices, schools and universities, healthcare institutions, building service contractors, lodging and many others; to improve their image, while reducing cost and increasing productivity.

“Supply” stands for their products.

“Works” represents everything they do for you, beyond the products.

The SupplyWorks brand name reflects the five brands’ core business and punctuates the path they have been pursuing: to provide great products and smart solutions that advance the performance, image, safety, health, and sustainability of your facility.

The new brand also allows the company to offer customized inventory management and supply chain solutions and their full suite of digital, e-commerce and reporting capabilities seamlessly across the country. Also, SupplyWorks’ new mobile websites have recently launched, making it easier to order and manage your account on the go.

For more information on SupplyWorks, visit www.supplyworks.com.  To contact your local representative, email john.clark@supplyworks.com.