Best Care EAP to Present HR Insight Series Webinar June 21

Please join Best Care EAP ( for their next HR Insight Series Webinar on Tuesday, June 21, from 8 – 9 a.m. featuring Ellen McElderry, program manager, Methodist Community Counseling Program.

I need a parachute! Did I act this way when I was a teen? Why is my teen doing this? Is this normal? How do I pilot a plane with a teen onboard? Most of us have a teen in our lives: son, daughter, grandchild, niece, nephew, or student. Everyone wants to see teens grow into happy, healthy, successful adults. The journey of teen development can be a thrilling and bumpy ride. Best Care EAP encourages you to set some time aside to have a transparent conversation about teen development. Hear what’s common, when to be concerned, and how to intervene. Learn how to fly high, safely land, and enjoy the ride with a teenager.

To register, go the training and events tab at, email Best Care EAP at, or call (402) 354-8000.

Best Care EAP offers emotional/mental health support to your employees, helping them focus on their jobs when problems in their personal lives get too overwhelming. Additionally, Best Care offers a number of professional development options, performance coaching, and leadership training to help your organization be the best that it can be. Learn more about Best Care EAP at