Commerical Construction


Business owners often have a difficult time finding a place to call home for their companies.  Sometimes they can’t find the right fit from the start or they think they’ve found the right place, then they grow or their needs change and it is no longer ideal.  That’s why many owners make the decision to build their own office to perfectly suit their needs.  This can be a very smart decision that ends up serving the company very well in the long run, but the right professionals must be chosen to complete the project properly and ensure the end project is just what the business needs.

Some owners may be wondering if anyone is really building right now due to the recent economic downturn.  Jean Petsch, Exective Director of the Nebraska Building Chapter of Associated General Contractors (AGC), shed some light on the state of commercial construction in the area.  Jean discussed that the state of the economy has hurt the commercial construction industry, but that things are looking up in 2011. She said, “I think we’ve been at the bottom and now we’re starting to go back up.” Jean added, “We’re weathering the economic storm better than other places. The industry in this state is made up of long-standing firms with good management and secure financial situations.  The outlook for the second, third and fourth quarter of 2011 sounds very positive.”

Once you’ve decided that building is the right move for your company, make sure you are choosing the best professionals to assist with your project.  Here are just a few industries to consider.

Professionals to Work with on Your Project

Electrical Contractors

One of the important professionals you need to choose for your project is an electrical contractor.  It’s likely that the general contractor you are working with will have their preferred electricians they works with as subcontractors.  However, you can always suggest other electricians to your contractor if you have a specific one in mind that you’d like to use.  Julie Kaup of Boss Electric says, “It’s important to work with a reputable electrician on your projects to insure work is done properly within required electrical codes.  This will insure safety and eliminate cost overruns on your project.”

Facility Management Systems Experts

Facility Management Systems are extremely helpful for business owners as they control security systems as well as heating and cooling elements without you having to be on the premises.  When it comes to selecting a Facility Management Systems, Engineered Controls is fully prepared to assist in the development of building controls and security performance criteria.  Engineered Controls maintains a sales staff that can assist with the preparation of specification, sequence writing, equipment selection and procurement.  ECI sales engineers can work with your design team to create an integrated control system to meet your building automation and budget needs.

Pat Killeen of Engineered Controls says, “Furthermore, our team of LEED AP accredited professionals has experience in LEED gold and platinum projects and can work with building owners to meet the certification requirement they desire.  Engineered Controls can also help you leverage your new or existing investment in building systems by integrating HVAC, electrical and security equipment and applications from numerous manufactures into one common control network.”
Maintenance Service Professionals

Once your building is done, you may think the project is over.  However, if you don’t put plans into place to maintain your new office, you’re not taking care of your investment properly.  Working with a building maintenance service is an excellent way not only to ensure your building is move-in ready for you and your employees, but also that it remains a clean, safe and attractive place for you, your staff and your clients.  Marsden is an example of a local company that offers services such as routine janitorial, floor maintenance, outdoor maintenance, window cleaning, snow removal and a number of other services that come together to form a comprehensive program that will keep your building looking and performing its best.

As the commercial construction industry bounces back, now might be the perfect time to take your business to the next level by building an office made specifically for you.  Work with the right professionals and make sure you’re thinking about the future as well as the present and you’ll have a project that is done with the least amount of stress and the maximum amount of return on investment.