Commercial Remodeling in Omaha – June 2021


Commercial Remodeling in Omaha – June 2021

Over the five years to 2020, the Commercial Property Remodeling industry benefited from strong overall economic growth, according to IBISWorld. As rising commercial construction activity and corporate profit levels rose in the middle of the period, demand for remodeling services trended upward. Businesses responded by expanding or opening new shops altogether, supporting increased demand for the industry’s remodeling services. 

Overall, IBISWorld estimates that industry revenue rose at an annualized rate of 4.4% to $35.8 billion in the five years to 2020, despite an estimated 11.3% decline in 2020 alone. The pandemic definitely created challenges and did slow remodeling projects for a period, as businesses struggled to survive with existing expenses. Things are picking up for the industry again, and local business owners are starting to look at remodeling projects that can make them stand out.

If the location of your business works well for you but you want to step things up a bit, anything from a new paint job to construction of focus walls, remodeled facilities, new electrical efficiencies, building automation, or a full-on expansion can shine the spotlight on your products and services without the huge headaches and price tags that come with moving or building from scratch. Remodeling can bring new life to your brands, reorganize your spaces to make them operate more effectively, upgrade technologies to remain relevant, instigate more safety measures in light of COVID, or expand to fit more products, services, or space for employees, tenants, or storage. Whatever your needs, remodeling your business can come with big benefits, including improving its visual appeal, boosting its reputation, creating additional space and customers, and lifting morale among employees, to name a few. 

Before embarking on a commercial remodeling project, however, it is crucial that you vet your contractors and subcontractors well, to make sure you are choosing companies with integrity, a good reputation, reviews, and references for similar work, and a priority for clear and frequent communication with you throughout your remodeling project. Your workplace is an extension of your brand. It tells your clients who you are as a company. It should be comfortable, clean, and updated in a way that supports optimal productivity, collaboration, and efficiency. If your business is lacking in any of these areas, it’s probably time for an update. Fortunately, Omaha is a home to a host of impressive remodeling contractors and subcontractors that fit the bill. So, we talked to a few about what they have to offer and some of the hottest trends and products in the commercial remodeling industry.  

Hassle-Free Clean-up

Whatever your commercial remodeling project is, it is bound to make a mess on the property along the way—but redbox+ of Omaha ( can help keep things neat and tidy from start to finish. They offer the only roll-off containers on the market that come with porta potties attached! Serving the Omaha, Lincoln, and Council Bluffs area, their roll-offs are specifically designed with commercial and residential construction sites in mind. The bright red, powder-coated containers, which are manufactured in the U.S., are meticulously designed for durability. 

Mark Fredrickson
redbox+ of Omaha

”Our patented combo units come in 20- and 30-yard sizes, both standard and elite, which are ideal for larger projects,” said Franchise Owner Mark Fredrickson. “The elite containers include two porta potties, securely mounted onto the front of the container, ensuring they can’t be tipped over or stolen. An additional perk of redbox+ elite containers is that the front doubles as a billboard for marketing.”

These redbox+ combo dumpster and porta potties also solve scheduling conflicts for the containers, because all you have to do is to make a simple call or text or use their contractor’s app. The routing component of the company’s software lets the redbox+ team control scheduling to ensure a 24-hour turnaround time.

“At Redbox+ of Omaha, we pride ourselves on great customer service and communication,” Mark said. “Things happen in the construction industry and timing gets thrown off but with common courtesy and good communication these hurdles can typically be overcome.”

A View from Above

Before even getting your remodeling plans on paper, it’s crucial that you know what you’re working with in terms of the structure’s qualities and condition. Mirage Aerial Imaging ( is the perfect choice for the job. They use 360-degree cameras to give you a up-close-and-personal look at the building, inside and out. It’s a great option for providing detailed before-and-after representations! Mirage Aerial provides virtual tour services for clients to highlight their completed projects. This service enables anyone, anywhere to experience the completed project as a self-guided, self-paced 360-degree tour, as if they were on the site personally—but without leaving the comfort and safety of their office.

Tom vonAhlefeld
Mirage Aerial Imaging

“Mirage Aerial Imaging also offers thermal imaging services for accurate commercial roof and solar farm inspections, environmental surveys, and more,” said Tom vonAhlefeld, who owns and operates the business with his wife, Sara. “Mirage’s commercial real-estate services provide baseline and post-damage structural assessments, as well as advertising photography, and our construction imaging can follow your project from a vacant lot or teardown to a completed project, including topographical mapping, 3-D imaging, and site surveys.”

Tom and Sara are also interested in finding new ways to use aerial imaging, so if you have an idea, just let them know by calling (402) 203-7868, and they’ll make it happen!

While on his last tour of duty with the United States Air Force, Tom also worked as a professional photographer with a focus on college sports and professional rodeo in the Pacific Northwest. He transitioned into aerial photography in 2012 and was one of the first to obtain a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) 333 Exemption to legally fly remote aircraft for commercial use in Cincinnati. He maintains his certification to fly drones legally for commercial use by maintaining his part 107 certification through the FAA.

“Our pilots are all FAA-certified and follow all airspace regulations,” Tom said. “We perform an onsite assessment and make a comprehensive plan with each client, ensuring safety and quality results. When it comes to inspecting a roof, we provide thermal imaging and it helps increase safety, because there is no need for an inspector to take hours to walk the entire roof. Drones are incredible tools and can be used in so many ways. We can provide services to any type of construction project, big or small, at reasonable prices.”

Long-Term Energy Strategies

A popular commercial upgrade in an environmentally conscious world centers around finding ways to save energy. That’s where Energy Studio ( comes in. They serve a variety of clients, including higher education, office, healthcare, multi-family residential, mixed use, and industrial in both new construction and renovations. Founded in 2010 in Omaha, Energy Studio is an energy modeling and management firm that specializes in helping architects, engineers, developers and building owners maximize energy efficiency and minimize costs. Whether new construction or a remodel, they help clients understand design factors that impact energy usage and recommend engineering systems that provide optimal building performance. 

Amanda Bogner
Energy Studio, Inc.

“Facility managers are looking for utility performance indicators to meet long-term energy usage strategies,” said Owner Amanda Bogner. With Energy Studio specialists on their team, they can be confident that they will have reliable predictions of utility performance that result in attaining long-term energy usage goals.”

Energy Studio provides technical energy modeling and analysis services that are more specialized than what many engineering and architectural firms offer for renovation projects. Today’s clients want buildings that are cost-effective and meet code and sustainability standards, and Energy Studio provides the energy analysis tools and expertise, so clients achieve the best energy usage for their return on investment. Among recent projects, Energy Studio worked on the renovation of the Landmark Tower from an office building to a boutique hotel. 

“First, we developed an energy benchmark by reviewing historic utility bills,” Amanda said. “Then we conducted a site investigation and audit of existing conditions. Finally, we developed an energy model to understand energy usage and capital improvements. We bundled recommendations that helped the client make the best investment decisions for space cooling and heating.”

The COVID-19 Pandemic showed us that building engineering systems are a major factor in people working safely in office settings. Many facility managers have invested in systems that clean recirculated air and use science to mitigate the spread of the airborne virus. Energy Studios helps make facility managers jobs easier in addressing changing trends that impact cost-effective and reliable operations. 

“Energy Studio models weigh factors that affect utility performance so facility managers can make better design decisions for optimal energy-efficient operations, which includes windows, and high-performance heating and cooling systems,” Amanda explained. “We routinely conduct energy audits to identify hidden barriers that may improve a building’s energy performance.”

Adaptability and Flexibility

If we’ve learned anything in pandemic times, it is that change is inevitable, and we have to learn to adapt. That includes changing up your business space to meet the requirements of the times. One way to do that is to work with AOI Corporation (, which provides construction general contracting, pre-manufactured interior construction solutions, and an impressive selection of functional and attractive office furnishings. While commercial remodeling business stalled early in the pandemic, as uncertainty reigned, AOI now is seeing an uptick in business with the arrival of a new normal. 

Patrick Jensen
AOI Corporation

“Now that we are seeing the beginning of re-entry, the need to adjust to new norms will be what drives a lot of renovation efforts,” said AOI Vice President of Marketing & Business Development Patrick Jensen. “With over 70% of companies opting for some sort of work from home and in-office hybrid, the role offices play will need to adapt and change. Office workers reentering the workplace after working from home will have different needs. Their expectations on what they want out of an office environment and how it should function for them has changed.”

For those who are more productive at home, the focus will be on collaborative spaces, meeting spaces and areas for serendipitous interaction that is in higher demand. Heads-down work of the traditional office may be saved for the home office, where distractions can be more tightly controlled. Those who have more distractions at home will be looking to the office for a space with less interruptions and more productivity. 

“What the pandemic taught us about the future of the design and construction for all environments is that adaptability and flexibility need to be built into the design from day one,” Patrick said. “Facilities need to be change-ready. Executing projects without this in mind will ultimately leave an organization flatfooted and struggling to adapt or needing to spend large sums in order to meet future challenges.”

Changes in technology, workflow, regulations, staffing, disasters all highlight the need for environments to flex and adapt. Pre-manufactured interior solutions offered by AOI—including DIRTT and the new Herman Miller furnishings like OE1—are keenly focused on solving this issue for businesses. AOI does a fabulous job of helping you create a fully integrated, customized approach to creating far more than an office space for you.  

“We provide a complete solution for the built environment through our construction, furniture and pre-manufactured interior construction groups,” Patrick said. “Products and services can be utilized individually or combined as part of a holistic approach developed in close collaboration with our clients and their design teams. Business owners considering remodeling should come to us because our various business units make us informed of the latest concepts, technologies, and direction the built environment is moving in. We are consultative in our approach to helping clients solve their problems. We streamline the process and help them maximize their investments while achieving their goals!” 

Choose Your Delivery Method

Justin Kurtzer
Cheever Construction

Cheever Construction is a 100% employee-owned construction management company that has been in business for 60 years, completed nearly 900 jobs, and operates with a single vision in mind: To build good futures for their clients, employees, and the community. Cheever Construction President Justin Kurtzer said selecting the correct delivery method can have a direct impact on the outcome of the project. Numerous items will factor into your decision, including the size of the project, complexity of the project, project type, and overall delivery schedule. While there are many delivery methods, the three most often used include design-bid-build, construction management, and design build.

“A construction-management approach begins with a business owner hiring a construction manager early in the planning process to provide pre-construction services, working with the architect and/or engineer (under separate contracts with the owner) to establish the project program, constructability, and schedule, and establish benchmark budgets in a team environment,” Kurtzer said.

With a design-bid-build delivery, a business owner hires an architect to design the remodel in full, creating both a plan and specifications to fulfill the owner’s program requirements. Because the project design might not be complete when remodeling construction begins, the construction manager typically provides services on a cost-plus-fee basis, sometimes including a guaranteed maximum price. Advantages include the contractor having input during the design; the owner being included in the bid process and selection of subcontractors; the scope being defined during design; the cost and schedule are guaranteed; and design and construction can overlap to accelerate project delivery.

With a design-build approach, a business hires, under a single contract, the construction manager and design professional, which combine services to provide a single point of accountability for the entire project. The entity is responsible for delivering both the design documents and completing construction according to the owner’s requirements. Some advantages of this approach is that the contractor has input during design; the price is guaranteed; there is a single point of responsibility for construction; and design and construction can overlap to accelerate project delivery.

“Whichever method you choose,” Kurtzer said, “Cheever Construction approaches each project with consistent objectives for success. We utilize an effective schedule coupled with the quality and skill from our subcontractors and combined with our field craftsmen,” he said. “Cheever Construction takes pride in all of the relationships that we have entered into. We strive to make each project the precursor to the next project, while building a lasting relationship with everyone involved.” 

Get Noticed, Recognized, and Remembered

One way to give your business a fabulous new look—and a lot of attention—is to upgrade the exterior. Stonebrook Exterior ( can make old look new and boring or tired look revitalized and healthy, which is a much better face for your business!

TwiLea Fletcher
Stonebrook Exterior

“Everything that Stonebrook Exterior provides for new commercial buildings in the aspect of exterior elements, we can also provide for the remodeling of existing structures to give your current building a facelift,” said Business Development Manager TwiLea Fletcher. “Most importantly, we can bring your building up to date with masonry, siding, metal wall-panel systems and new gutter systems. This will give your company a fresh look and increase the longevity of the building for years to come.”

As with so many in the industry, Stonebrook Exterior experienced a shortage of materials throughout the pandemic, but they adjusted to be sure they can complete their jobs on time. 

“Adjusting the way we plan over the past year has been instrumental in ensuring we can complete the scope of our projects on time,” TwiLea said. “The pandemic has also played a part in the way customers think. We find more are leaning toward remodeling their current structure in lieu of new construction. Business owners are wanting more curb appeal when it comes to the brick-and-mortar of their operations. “Being noticed, recognized, and remembered is a huge factor.”

Besides their stellar reputation and stunning work, another advantage of working with Stonebrook Exterior for your remodeling project is that they self-perform much of their work instead of subcontracting to others. 

“This makes our crews more productive, which saves time overall when working to complete a project within the time allotted or requested,” TwiLea said.

Automating for Efficiency

A huge trend for commercial remodel projects is building automation—intelligent, data-enabled automation and related controls. Since the desire to improve efficiency and effectiveness is never-ending, companies like Engineered Controls ( are in high demand. By providing essential instrumentation, Engineered Controls offers affordable integrated building control and automation systems that make your buildings smarter and more efficient. 

These systems save energy, lower operational costs, and enable productive and secure environments. Building automation platforms can connect your HVAC, lighting, safety, and security systems, enabling them to talk to each other in a single language, on a single platform. This gives business owners information to make better decisions, save money, feel safer, and improve the way their building function. 

Pat Killeen Engineered Controls

“As most building owners know, energy is the single largest expense in a building’s total operating budget,” said Engineered Controls President and CEO Pat Killeen. “In fact, 30% of it is used inefficiently or unnecessarily. One of the best ways to keep those costs down is to develop a comprehensive strategy to reduce energy use and integrate a quality control system.” 

Engineered Controls designs, installs, manages, and services building management and security solutions for buildings and facilities of all sizes and types. For more than 20 years, they have been dedicated to designing easy-to-use building automation and security systems that provide the highest possible energy efficiency, while ensuring occupant comfort and maintaining a safe and secure workplace. 

“As a technology contractor, our vision is to participate in projects that transform the way buildings are designed, built, and operated, and to create environmentally responsible, profitable, and healthy places to live and work,” Pat said. “From the integration of new control technologies into our design, to the contracting work we engage in, Engineered Controls is participating in the service and construction of buildings for now and well into the future.”

Engineered Controls offers a comprehensive energy evaluation program to customers in which Energy and Environmental Optimization (EEO)-program-certified professionals can quickly assess your building’s current state and consult with you on the goals and objectives of your energy efficiency project. 

“You can’t manage what you don’t measure!” Pat exclaimed. “Evaluating your energy usage and potential waste by metering the current electrical systems you have in place can open up the door to great savings in the long run. You might find it’s time to upgrade, and that is where we come in.” 

Engineered Controls offers many energy-related products, including variable frequency drives (VFDs) designed specifically for commercial buildings. VFDs control the speed of a three-phase AC motor, while resulting in energy savings. They save energy because the motor does not require as much current at lower speeds. VFDs monitor building systems constantly and provide automatic adjustment of fan speeds for optimal energy usage. 

“We live in an era in which buildings of any size and shape can become intelligent buildings,” Pat said. “With open-protocol technology, they can connect multiple subsystems together, on one network, rather than operating them all independently—maximizing energy efficiency, lowering maintenance costs, and providing centralized building control.” 

Most new construction these days includes some level of building automation, but if you are operating out of an older space, incorporating building automation and control systems into your remodeling goals has the potential to really improve your business. 

Although building automation systems have existed since the 1970s, Pat said recent systems save time and money on internal comfort conditions, individual room control, improved building reliability and life, and quick and effective responses to HVAC and security problems: “The systems also provide information on problems in the building, allow for computerized maintenance scheduling, are easy and effective for employees to use, and easily detect problems,” he said.

Distributing Solutions

If automation is the name of your game, Control Depot is another stop you’ll want to consider along your commercial remodeling journey. The company is a premier automation and control distributor of HVAC, lighting, security, and life-safety systems and a leader in technology solutions, facility-system integration, energy management and metering, gas detection, and more. They partner with leading suppliers of building technologies to provide customers with the best products available for their specific needs. In 202, Control Depot was recognized as one of Honeywell’s Diamond Distributors for the 12th year in a row!

Jeff Killeen
Control Depot

Control Depot’s customers include subcontractors specializing in building controls and electrical and mechanical specialists. Because of this, Vice President Jeff Killeen says Control Depot has to offer a wide range of up-to-date products and replacement parts to professional contractors.

“Control Depot’s primary goal is to offer the necessary systems and replacement parts that will provide a safe, comfortable working environment, as well as cut wasteful energy costs,” Jeff said. “We are helping companies become more sustainable and improving their bottom lines.”

In addition to Honeywell, Control In addition to Honeywell, Control Depot also has established partnerships with Belimo, EasyIO, ProLon, Tridium, Viconics, Siemens, ACI, Lutron, eGauge, Functional Devices, Klein tools, and many other high-quality manufacturers. They recently teamed up with Zonex Systems to offer the entire line of Zonex HVAC temperature-control zoning systems. Zonex is a leading manufacturer of HVAC control systems designed specifically for zoning applications in commercial buildings. Zonex develops efficient systems and reliable products that meet the expectations of an increasingly demanding market at a highly competitive price. 

Besides offering the necessary products, Jeff says it is important for their staff to be knowledgeable of these technologies to best serve their clients: “We have assembled a team of knowledgeable, qualified individuals whose goal is to assist each customer with personal service rooted in their experience. Because our inventory rivals any of the largest retailers, we can offer comprehensive solutions for building controls.”

The Restoration Experts

Restoration jobs might be different than the more typical “remodeling” project, but they are crucial components of reworking commercial structures. The family-owned McGill Restoration ( specializes in large-scale, complex projects in the concrete and masonry segments of the industry, including parking garages, stadiums, and other commercial structures. In 2020, they celebrated 35 years in business, and over the last four consecutive years, Inc. magazine has recognized as one of the 5,000 fastest-growing privately owned businesses in the U.S. Their projects regularly win industry awards for excellence, as well, and all of which are important to the aging infrastructure of our communities and nation. 

Ben Russell
McGill Restoration

“Restoration requires an in-depth understanding of a structure’s history and details,” said McGill Vice President of Operations Ben Russell. “Researching the building, the materials, and the best techniques is essential to providing a beautifully restored project. Asking the right questions helps you plan properly: When was it built? What is it going to be used for in the future? These questions will provide a lot of answers to the type of materials that must be used in its restoration. When it comes to the planning and execution of a project, consulting with industry experts alleviates a lot of headaches.”

Ben said one of the biggest trends in commercial remodeling today is preservation of aging buildings in the area, where business owners are restoring older buildings or converting older spaces into modern designs. If you are considering restoring an older building, though, you can’t overestimate the importance of research in preparing for a restoration project. That research is the key to how you go about restoring a building and how authentic your end result is.

The shutdowns that came with the COVID-19 pandemic actually made restoration and remodeling project easier—for McGill and their clients alike. The timing of the closures helped businesses accomplish some crucial work, at a time when they couldn’t run normal operations. Some of the jobs McGill took on included work on the Bergan Mercy Hospital parking garage, Eagle Parking garage, Southbridge Condominiums, and Nebraska Medical Center. Parking structures that normally would have been full of cars (at hospitals, retail outlets, offices, and the like) were mostly empty due to closures, thus allowing McGill Construction to perform their work without having to block off stalls or spend time and staff to redirect traffic. 

McGill has achieved excelled growth by investing in new technologies. That includes investing in and designing custom Business Intelligence (BI) tools that allows them to maintain a holistic and accurate view of their job and workforce capacity in real time for now and in the future. As a result, customers receive more accurate start and completion dates, as this data allows McGill to better align their pipeline of work with sales and project management. They have also invested in integrated accounting and estimation technologies to take the business to the next level, as well as timekeeping and human-resources tools with features such as GPS geofencing and other controls for more accurate time punches. 

“These technological advancements have allowed McGill Restoration to significantly invest in our hiring processes and employee development,” Ben said. “One of McGill’s greatest secrets to success if having a reliable and highly knowledgeable workforce.”

Full Life Safety Upgrades

When it comes to keeping your property up-to-date, there are a host of factors that are crucial to your business, but none more so than the safety of its inhabitants, and whenever you are working on a remodeling project, it’s important to check and update your safety products. FireGuard, Inc. ( provides Full Life Safety Services to all commercial businesses and facilities, including but not limited to: healthcare, education, industrial, restaurants, property management, hospitality, retail, construction and more. They inspect, maintain and repair fire-alarm systems, kitchen-hood systems, fire extinguishers, fire-sprinkler systems, backflows, and special hazard systems. FireGuard also has a specialized team dedicated to the design and installation of fire-alarm systems. Many of the maintenance and safety services that they provide are required by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

Lori Sorensen
FireGuard, Inc.

“In Nebraska, you are required to have your fire alarm, kitchen hood, special hazard, and clean agent systems in your business inspected twice a year,” said FireGuard Owner Lori Sorensen. “Fire sprinkler systems, backflows, and fire extinguishers require an annual inspection. The price of not inspecting? These code-required inspections are imperative to the safety of your facility and the people who occupy them. The cost and detriment of a potential fire in comparison to keeping up to date on these inspections is insurmountable.”

An example of the price of doing nothing would be the potential of your batteries failing from skipping the semi-annual inspection: “Will the fire-alarm system function as it intended to? Who will call the fire department? These are questions no one should leave to chance,” Lori said.

FireGuard is a local, family-owned, full-service fire protection and life safety company that has been protecting lives and property since 1994. They are a leader in the healthcare industry, in addition to protecting businesses from school districts to processing plants and everything in between. Since its inception, FireGuard has grown to more than 50 employees with 475 combined years of experience in fire protection, servicing the entire Midwest as far as Colorado and Wyoming.

Streamline Your Way to Savings

Sometimes, a remodeling project isn’t about construction, but savings. Streamline Energy Solutions ( has a team of energy-efficiency specialists who have the goal of saving you money by making changes to your building through air sealing, energy audits, insulation, solar attic fans, and duct sealing. They have a strong reputation for truly listening to clients’ needs and achieving the results they are looking for. Streamline’s qualified team will also ensure that your home or business meets code requirements, all with energy efficiency in mind.

Jen Keller
Streamline Energy Solution

“Planning an energy smart building during the design phase of your project is a strategy that will produce both a long-term return on investment and help ensure a comfortable environment,” said Streamline Co-founder and BPI-Certified Auditor Jen Keller. “Weatherization measures installed at the building stage will always be worth the investment. Knowing where to insulate during construction will help ensure a more energy efficient building.”

Streamline’s experienced technicians will ensure that all areas of a build—attic, walls, floor, crawl space, etc.—are insulated to the highest standards to ensure that codes are met. They can also help you install smart thermostats that will save an average of 10-12% on heating bills and about 15% on your cooling bills. 

With a combined total of 16 years of experience in the industry, Streamline’s co-founders Jen Keller and Nathan Capps came together to provide a holistic approach to energy efficiency. Their energy auditing services, coupled with a variety of weatherization upgrades maximize your savings while minimizing your energy usage. Their core values are excellence, integrity, customer satisfaction, and responsibility, and they show in the host of tremendous reviews and five-star ratings they get from customer after customer. 

If you find that your energy bills have increased or your employees or clients are too warm in your building, it’s important to realize that things like insulation codes change over time, and you may be experiencing the need for upgrades. Keeping your insulation updated will mean improved energy efficiency, reduced energy costs, the comfort of your family clients, and employees, and more.

Dependable and Experienced

When it comes to selecting a builder for your project, you’ll have a host to choose from, though you may find yourself on a waiting list to get dependable contractors on the job. It’s worth waiting to get reputable contractors that will get the job done right, though. TSR Construction ( is a Class A general contractor that is licensed, bonded, and fully insured. Building on a tradition of excellence in remodeling and construction, TSR provides clients with full range of services including roofing, carpentry, electrical, painting, concrete, and flooring. They handle all of your commercial construction, design build, and project management needs and have extensive experience in medical and health facilities, law offices, educational facilities, restaurants and foodservice, retail and recreation facilities, strip malls, office buildings, and more.

Tony Reynolds
TSR Construction

“We’re a team of fully-certified professionals who tackle everything from complex large projects to smaller-scale jobs,” said TSR Owner Tony Reynolds. “Fueled by our commitment to excellent, we make sure clients are completely satisfied with our work.”

TSR is a general contractor and will manage the entire process of your remodel, and they are current on all the latest trends. When you are planning your remodeling project, TSR warns against having plans drafted before checking the current cost of construction. Without proper guidance, people in the early planning stages of putting together a remodeling project tend to skip the fundamental steps of the process. First-time planners often jump right into having the building designed and get a set of plans drawn up even though they have no accurate guidance as to how much it will ultimately cost.

Comfort Essentials

The comfort of your employees, clients, and customers is crucial to your reputation as a business. If you’re planning a commercial remodeling project, be sure to consider upgrading your heating and cooling systems and have a solid maintenance plan in place to keep it running smoothly. Ideal Heating & Air Conditioning ( has a reputation of exceeding expectations for their clients in Omaha, Council Bluffs, Bellevue, and the surrounding communities. 

Ideal provides the highest quality service for your commercial air conditioner, including educating and informing their customers to make the best decisions possible for their particular business. Their services for commercial remodeling include air conditioner repair and replacement, and sometimes a new air conditioner is more cost-effective and energy efficient than a repair. Ideal will help you figure out which works best for you all-around. The same goes for your furnace. What’s more, they offer preventive maintenance agreements to ensure that your system is serviced on a regular basis, typically quarterly, to avoid problems and breakdowns that will affect your business.

When business growth or changes spur the need for reorganization or redesign of your space, don’t forget to consider remodeling as opposed to new construction. Sometimes, you can accomplish more change than you might think in your existing space. Fortunately, Omaha is home to the full slate of reputable experts you could possibly need to get the job done—and done right. Reach out to these folks if you need some input or are ready to get going on your commercial remodeling project. They’ll help you from start to finish!