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Girls in STEAM is a 10-week program (1 session/week) where girls (ages 8-14) come together to be engaged, enriched and empowered in all things STEAM. Working among peers and led by women leaders in a safe, positive environment, the girls envision themselves as someone who can not only excel in STEM education (and future STEM careers) but also learn inherent talents by going through this hands-on, girls-only journey. The culmination of this program involves the girls going to the 2023 Nebraska Robotics Expo tentatively scheduled at the Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum in Ashland. This year the theme of both Girls in STEAM and the Nebraska Robotics Expo is NASA’s Artemis Project which will put will put both the first Woman and the first Person of Color on the moon, the last time the U.S. was on the moon was 50 years ago!