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Omaha Fashion Week celebrates 15 years of runway showcases! This season’s theme is AURORA, which is the Latin word for dawn. As we look forward to the future of fashion in Omaha, we are excited about the new generations of designers and models taking the runway. This season’s designers draw inspiration from alternate realities and cultural heritage while exploring themes of nostalgia and environmentalism.
We are inspired by this amazing lineup of Emerging Designers showcasing in the first half! Emerging Designers are either brand new to the OFW runway, student designers, or veteran designers trying out a completely new method of creation. We will close the show with an incredible lineup of inspiring collections by our Featured Designers. This designer track is full of experts at their craft who will showcase high-quality, ready-to-buy looks on the runway.
Omaha Fashion Campers
Reyanna Moore | Mayed by Rey
Emerging Designers:
Faiza | Faiza Kari
Girls on Mars | Chloie Roupe
HART. | Lauren Hansen
Kaila Loew
Featured Designers:
Amanda Casarez
Bakker Brown | Tim Brown & Cecilia Bakker
Makhree | Makay Weliyo
MILOM | Caitlin McCall