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The landscape of drugs and substances misuse are constantly changing and present many challenges to contractors. Whether it is evolving marijuana laws, limitations in state drug testing requirements, or the opioid crisis, contractors are left with many questions on how to tackle these issues. Please join CSDZ and Holmes Murphy for an in-depth webinar discussion on the evolving risk of drug use in construction that is impacting jobsite safety. It’s not as simple as a “one-size” fits all corporate drug testing policy. Contractors need to develop a written policy strategy around each specific state that they work in. Bill Judge, JD, LL.M., from Drug Screening Compliance Institute will be leading a discussion on several key topics:

  • Mandatory Drug Testing: Currently 29 states have legislation impacting drug testing programs.
  • Marijuana in Construction: The rapidly changing marijuana state law landscape (“recreational” – currently 19 states vs. “medical” – currently 37 states) and the complex challenges contractors are facing.
  • The CBD Trend: Many people are confused about CBD. Is it legal? Will it get me high? Will it test positive on a workplace drug test?
  • Workers Compensation: Rebuttal Presumption of Intoxication Defense – Employers can take appropriate steps to the rebuttable presumption if they believe that the injury occurred as a result of intoxication or drug impairment. Currently 20 states have varying defense mechanisms within their Workers’ Compensation laws – What does the contractor need to do to be successful?

Speaker: William Judge, JD, LL.M. Drug Screening Compliance Institute https://www.drugscreeningci.com.