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Heartland developers conference is the premier software development conference for tech professionals.

AIM’s annual Heartland Developers Conference has been providing world-class content to the Silicon Prairie developer community for over 15 years.

The 2023 event will be hosted at CHI Health Center, and promises to provide attendees with an immersive experience. Individuals will experience keynote speakers, breakout sessions, an exhibitor hall, and numerous networking opportunities.

A highly technical event, the conference attracts skilled individuals who are leading the industry forward. For two days, experts share the latest knowledge, demonstrate new techniques and build understanding.

What to Expect in 2023

Two full days of experts sharing the latest knowledge, demonstrating the newest techniques, and building understanding across a rich landscape of topics.

Breakout Topics

AI & Data

Learn how developers build AI functionality into everyday programs. Speakers from Twitter, CAN and Spreetail will discuss how AI and machine learning are revolutionizing the way companies do business, develop new products, and reach audiences.

Dev/sec ops

Cover the latest in DevOps and SecOps needs. Security has never been more important than it is today. Hear from experts at Lunavi, Hudl, and Outlook Business Solutions to learn how to keep your organization secure without sacrificing scale or speed.

Cyber Security

Attendees will hear from leading minds as they discuss the best practices and tech in cyber risk management. Join us to learn how innovators own risk across all cyber surfaces.

& Cloud

Attendees following this track will discover best practices in implementing microservices across a wide array of technologies.


This track will cover innovation in business, design, and coding. Learn new methods and ways to bring product and brand design together, pursue new ideas and encourage innovative development practices.

Tech Leadership

Attendees will hear from captivating tech leaders as they discuss the future landscape of tech leadership.