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cover-just-good-meat-june-2015The summer is made for grilling, and lots of it. For over 55 years, Just Good Meat has been the place to go for summer grilling’s finest quality beef, chicken, pork and seafood in Omaha. Summer is an exciting time for the store, as the warmer months bring more people outdoors, and for most, this involves the grill and cookouts. Whether you’re hosting a backyard barbecue for friends, having a family get-together, or firing up the grill for dinner for two, the old-fashioned local meat market has been a staple in the Omaha community for many years. The store was built on the principle of providing excellent prices on the highest quality products, and all with unmatched service. This is a tradition that owner Sean Fuller and the rest of the Just Good Meat team live out each and every day they turn on their “We’re Open” sign.

One of the reasons the neighborhood meat store has been so successful is the number of options on their menu. Fuller says, “We carry everything—from choice Nebraska beef, pork and chicken, buffalo, elk, lamb, veal, seafood—a wide range.” And, for the more adventurous eaters out there, their menu even offers exotic meats, such as alligator and frog legs. In addition to the long list of meat options, Just Good Meat is a one-stop shop for everything that goes along with grilling and putting together a meal, from the wood and logs for the grill, the seasoning, side dishes, deli meat, cheeses, and a variety of handmade sausages and brats. Also, for those in a hurry, Just Good Meat offers smoked products, such as ribs and brisket, which can easily be picked up on the way home.

The number of options in the store and the quality of those items is undeniable, but in addition to the store’s food products, Fuller is proud of the customer service they are also able to provide. Just Good Meat is a full service meat store, meaning his team is well-versed on how to help customers select meats and the necessities involved, and to also help people leave the store feeling confident, with all of their grilling questions answered.

This summer season in particular is an especially exciting one for Just Good Meat. Fuller says, “This year is really exciting because the newest addition to the Just Good Meat family is our food truck. We are proud to add catering to our list of offerings.” Fuller and his team are now able to do catering, wedding receptions, graduations, business and corporate events, and any other event where bringing in quality delicious food will help you save time and money, reduce stress, and create an unforgettable event. They also offer custom catering, where customers can call or stop in and design their own catering menu. “We are able to do custom pricing based on the customer’s needs,” Fuller explains. Working with each customer individually allows Just Good Meat to cater to each person’s event and each person’s budget.

Additionally, with the 4th of July next month, Just Good Meat is excited to help Omaha community members celebrate their independence and will be offering many specials throughout the store.

With the warm summer months here, it’s time to get grilling and enjoy your summer! Whether it’s a large, organized event or a small, laid-back family dinner, stop by Just Good Meat to see firsthand why the store continues to be a staple in Omaha. With the highest quality meat products and unmatched customer service, Just Good Meat is here to help you celebrate your summer!


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