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If every picture tells a story, just imagine the impact an entire video can have. Cox Media Omaha has been helping clients tell their stories since 1981 and is pleased to announce some exciting new business developments. Beginning in September, all the creative services of Cox Media’s Central Region, including the states of Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Idaho, will be centralized in Omaha. Omaha was selected to be the hub of the new Cox Creative Studio based on its state-of-the-art facilities and award-winning production team.

“Cox Media firmly believes in the importance of helping local businesses craft customized marketing messages,” said Anne Harris, Director of Marketing and Client Solutions. “Today, approximately 90% of all media is viewed on-screen. That is why while other media companies are cutting production resources as a cost-saving measure, we are pleased to be ramping up our efforts to provide higher quality video production at affordable prices to local businesses across our region.”

The expansion of the Cox Media footprint in Omaha will result in a doubling of the current staff with a focus on specialized expertise in video and digital editing. Working with Cox Media is about establishing solid partnerships with clients. The company makes it a priority to learn about each client’s business objectives and then creates a customized advertising plan to help achieve their marketing goals.

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Cox Media understands the importance of building a business’s brand. A solid and well-recognized brand is one of a company’s most valuable assets as it reflects their commitment to providing customers with the highest quality products and service.

“Every message a business creates should strategically align with how they want their customers to perceive them,” said Rena Whitehouse, Vice President of Cox Media in Omaha. “Creating engaging advertising campaigns that are artfully produced and clearly communicated is extremely important as these messages elevate and strengthen a company’s brand in the community and ultimately drive sales and improve the bottom line.”

The services provided by Cox Media with the newly-expanded Cox Creative Studio are designed to deliver brand recognition by communicating effective advertising messages across multiple screens, helping clients to reach the right customer at the right time.

As part of this transformation of the Cox Creative Studios, a newly-created role, titled Creative Consultant, will be responsible for meeting with clients to help them to identify key attributes that they would like to have associated with their business.  As a team, the consultant and business owners will work together to craft a marketing campaign that helps to creatively deliver that message.  The Creative Consultant will utilize a multi-screen approach to achieve the optimal marketing mix reaching both existing and potential customers.

Over the years, Cox Media Omaha has received local, regional and national recognition for its creative commercial work including the American Advertising’s Addy Awards, Mid-America Cable Association’s Midi Awards and the Cable Advertising Bureau CAB Awards.

“Video has long been recognized as the most powerful way for a business to tell its story,” said Anne Harris. “The expansion of Cox Creative Studios in Omaha provides us with additional opportunities to harness the power of video to help clients effectively navigate today’s complex and challenging advertising landscape. By providing professional, award-winning video production for businesses of all types and sizes, we help businesses to succeed and grow.”

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