J-Tech Solar – Put It Where The Sun Shines!

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J-Tech Solar – Put It Where The Sun Shines!

J-Tech SolarRenewable energy resources are powering more of our homes and businesses than ever before, with technological advancements that have continued to expand on the possibilities. Solar power is one that’s become increasingly efficient and affordable for residential, commercial, and agricultural use.

The sun is one of the most plentiful, reliable clean energy resources available. In just one hour, the Earth receives more energy from the sun than humans use in an entire year. Solar energy is the power provided by the sun and it is an incredible way to help the environment while saving you thousands of dollars. Solar power is harnessed through photovoltaic (PV) cells technology – panels that convert sunlight directly into electricity. With the installation of a solar panel system, one can then maximize the use of this clean, renewable method to generate power.

J-Tech Solar (jtechsolar.com) is a family owned and operated company specializing in renewable energy. Jason Olberding, owner and CEO of J-Tech Construction, a business he established in 2004 that specializes in roofing, windows, siding, and gutters, saw the potential and began installing solar panels across Nebraska in 2010. With a passion for educating those in the community about the benefits of solar energy and the steady increase in demand for those projects, he decided to form a sister company dedicated to the installation of solar panel systems.

In 2016, J-Tech Solar came into existence; with a team in place that was already trained, certified, and experienced, the newly-formed company was positioned to hit the ground running. J-Tech Construction and J-Tech Solar are headquartered in Lincoln, but with jobs coming in from all across the state, expansion became necessary quickly thereafter. In the same year, a second office was opened in Grand Island to support the company’s growth in the Tri-City area.

This spring, the company completed its biggest project to date – the largest privately owned photovoltaic solar panel system in Nebraska. The 940-panel system is located in Lincoln’s Historic Haymarket, installed atop a total of 8 rooftops and generating nearly 300KW of power.

As of 2015, Nebraska was ranked 47th among the 50 U.S. states for use of renewable energy. Its growth here is beneficial for those in our community in a number of ways. Unlike conventional power, solar energy produces zero harmful emissions that hurt the environment. In America alone, fossil fuels are used to generate an overwhelming 68% of the electricity we consume. As a result, the emissions generated from the combustion of these fossil fuels are incredibly harmful to our planet. Eliminating the need for these fossil fuels while saving homeowners and businesses money is exactly why J-Tech Solar is in business. Today, the typical solar system will pay for itself in a 10-year period, and it’s not uncommon to save between $15,000 and $20,000 in energy costs during a 15-year period.

Proud of already being able to drive change and make a positive impact here in Nebraska, Jason credits his success to the people he employs – and because of that, J-Tech’s philosophy is completely employee based. What that means is simply that J-Tech prefers to hire crew members on as employees rather than using subcontractors. This makes it easy to set a standard for their craftsmanship.

“Knowing your guys and what they are capable of makes it easy to maintain a high standard for quality work,” Jason says.

Jason and his team are thankful for the customers that have brought them the success they’ve had thus far and it will definitely be exciting to see what J-Tech will do next!

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