Health and Fitness New Year’s Resolutions: Do they work?

The answer is NO.  Resolutions don’t work…at least not by themselves…but people can still be successful if they follow the right plan!  Goal setting needs to be a habit, not a once a year thing.  Too often people think New Year’s Resolutions have some type of super powers that and somehow the resolution fairy waives a wand and makes things happen.

So what does it take to make New Year’s Resolutions a success?  Just as with any goal setting we have to decide what we want, then project with our mind’s eye where exactly we will be when we reach this goal and look back on all the things that it took to get there.  This lays out all of the smaller goals that we would need to accomplish along the way to our main goal.  At times, people set a great goal, but then feel overwhelmed by the size or complexity of it.  By breaking things down to smaller more manageable goals, we can have small victories that lead to bigger ones that lead to the success of the entire resolution/goal!

Another bonus if you want to have great success of reaching your goals is to SHARE them with many people.  Some feel you should keep goals secret…and maybe some you should, but when we share with others it brings in powerful elements.  First, when we share, it gives us the opportunity for others to actually HELP us achieve our goals.  Second, when we tell others we are going to do something, most of us have an ego that doesn’t want to be embarrassed by not doing what we say…so this is extra motivation to keep going and achieving our goals!

Now what about fitness?  Many New Year’s Resolutions are fitness related and usually fail or get derailed by about February.  The problem is that real health and fitness is about changing your LIFESTYLE not just making a resolution.  Short term fad programs that some facilities offer simply DON’T WORK because they are not sustainable and are not long term. If you plan on life altering results with just a couple weeks of working out, you are deluding yourself and likely doing more damage than good.  This is unfortunate, because in today’s society, obesity is skyrocketing and overall wellness is crashing and burning.  The good news is that there are facilities that offer REAL solutions!

Why do fitness resolutions fail so often?  First, people may go overboard when they first start and end up in too much pain using stupid gadgets, celebrity diets, or magic pills they see on TV that promise rock hard bodies with almost “no effort”.  Second, many programs lack nutritional information as part of the equation.  Additionally, people often get bored or have no social interaction to keep them engaged in the workouts.  And finally, many have unreasonable expectations as to the speed of results….several weeks by itself is not life changing it’s a FAD!  If you want to make real change, then find programs that teach LIFESTYLE!

So the key to success is to find activities that give REAL results, engage people in a social environment, keep you motivated, educate you on nutrition and are based on sound exercise science not marketing hype.  There are several options that can make this happen in both Lincoln and Omaha and everyone is different, so choices and results will vary as well.  Many turn to programs such as martial arts, kickboxing, and yoga classes.  Look at the major fitness themed programs such as The Biggest Loser and others and you will find that martial arts moves, bag work, and yoga based training are very popular because they are so effective.  Statistics are showing that more people are now going to professional and specialized training facilities that have a greater emphasis on instruction vs. equipment.  Take the time to find the right facility or right trainer for you.  Many will offer private lessons and even customized plans for you as an individual!

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