For those of you just now following my journey through the Leadership Acceleration Program or LEAP, this is going to be a 12-month leadership program for individuals passionate about being leaders and reaching the potential in themselves and others. This program will ensure high performance through monthly, half-day skill building workshops; individual personalized coaching and confidential peer interaction. Provided is comprehensive materials and preparation, high-energy and experiential curriculum, reflection and self-discovery time, individual development planning and so much more.

Since the last entry of my journey through the LEAP program, I had just received results on my 360 –degree checkpoint and now, really taken some time to process what it is trying to tell me. It’s almost like one of those 3-D posters you stare at forever, it looks scrambled, and then all of a sudden, your vision focuses and you actually begin to see something meaningful that makes sense. This has been such a turning point for me as I am starting to see myself grow and learn what is truly important not only to me, but those around me.

Communication is one area I have really put a lot of time into. I have begun to think about what I am going to say before I say it as well as process what other say before I comment. Amazing such a small piece can have such a large ripple. Sounds simple, but what I love about LEAP is the small changes that move mountains. It’s about looking at things under a microscope as well through a telescope. We laughed today in our group that “Life is a snow-globe and LEAP is really shaking up our worlds!” I can’t recommend it enough from the bottom of my heart. It’s hard to describe because it’s so different from anything else I’ve ever encountered.

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