Talon Steel Buildings – A Uniquely Different Building Experience

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Talon Steel Buildings – A Uniquely Different Building Experience

When Darren Kinney and Jason Cunningham came together to start Talon Steel Buildings (talonsteelbuilders.com) in 2011, they had several goals in mind. They wanted to offer a uniquely different building experience, with the ability to perform the entire project from the dirt work to the finishing touches on the building. With the vision to transform a metal building into whatever type of space a client needed, in addition to the usual commercial and industrial purposes that pre-engineered metal buildings are well-known for, they sought to broaden their horizons into projects which included office and living space as well. Furthermore, with the ability to incorporate electrical, plumbing, heating control, and even in-floor heat, they knew there was great potential in what they were able to create. Thus, their tagline: “Whatever your perfect building is, we can build it!”

Headquartered in Lincoln, NE and serving clients statewide, Talon Steel Buildings is proud to have established partnerships with high-quality product vendors such as Topline Steel Buildings, Central States Manufacturing. And Raynor Overhead doors. Topline Steel Buildings is another Heartland business and a premium provider of pre-engineered metal buildings that are constructed from 100% American steel.

Talon Steel Buildings offers a wide array of quality features and optional accessories to improve functionality and enhance the building’s appearance. Clients can choose from a multitude of color and trim options to create the perfect blend of form and function. For the interior design, steel liner panels add style and energy efficiency. Additionally, laminated fiberglass blanket insulation, offered in a variety of thicknesses and R-value ratings, as well as thermal efficiency systems for both interior walls and ceilings, provide a more finished appearance while helping to make the building quiet and comfortable. For the exterior façade, a variety of Canopies, parapets and faux finish exterior options are possible. Choose from stone, stucco or insulated architectural panels, all of which can add a distinctive flare to your structure while providing added surface for signage. Then, choose from overhang, gutter and downspout options to protect the foundation and property from erosion and water damage while beautifying the structure. Finally, for the entrance, whether you need a simple access door or an elaborate storefront system, Talon Steel Buildings has plenty of options that can be sized and configured to your exact specifications. Enhancing both the interior and exterior aspects of the building, strategically placed windows will add light and warmth, and residential or commercial windows can be installed based on the desired look and function. In total, Talon Steel Buildings has a wide selection of options for all of the key building features to suit any need and taste.

All buildings are designed and fabricated according to the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) and American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) specifications. Clients can count on quality and skilled craftsmanship along with top-of-the-line materials, for a finished product that will meet and very likely exceed their expectations.

Talon Steel Buildings firmly stands behind the quality and integrity of every building, whether it’s purposed for commercial use, mixed-use, ag-related, self-storage, or any other number of possibilities. Find out more about Talon Steel Building’s offerings online at talonsteelbuilders.com or by contacting the team at (402) 937-5937.

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