Enhance Your Team Culture – Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

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Enhance Your Team Culture – Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

As a business owner, a unified team of employees can be crucial to your success. In most businesses, staff work closely together and wear many hats. Because teamwork is so significant to a business’s success, team-building activities are essential. In this way, company team building can improve staff retention. Having fun also stimulates creative thinking, which can lead to improved productivity, better communication and better relationships. Company outings are without a doubt a great way to rejuvenate your staff and build team camaraderie amongst employees. Creating a fun environment outside of the office where staff members can work on communication without the day-to-day business in the way is great way to build overall team morale.

At Strictly Business we recognize team building and employee engagement is a key factor to retaining great employees. We are excited to introduce a new series in the publication where we’ll share our staff outings in hopes of educating our readers about fun activities to do with employees and co-workers. Among the best investments for small and large companies alike, without further adieu, we encourage you to “Enhance Your Team Culture”

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema
12750 Westport Pkwy, La Vista | (402) 505-9979 | drafthouse.com/omaha

Who doesn’t love a good movie? We sure do! Another popular form of entertainment that is guaranteed to be enjoyable for just about anyone is a night out at the movies. There is indeed something to be said for big-screen viewing. We were thrilled to finally attend a movie at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema (drafthouse.com/omaha), which isn’t just your average movie theater. Cold beer, fabulous movies, and delicious snacks and meals; Alamo Drafthouse is dinner, drinks, movies and events, all under one roof. Located at 12750 Westport Pkwy in La Vista, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema offers an experience that’s second-to-none.

We were looking forward to seeing Hidden Figures, a Golden Globe-nominated film starring Octavia Spencer, Taraji P. Henson, Kevin Costner and Janelle Monae. It certainly did not disappoint! We would strongly suggest it to anyone who enjoys a feel-good, heartfelt movie.

Our group arrived at the theater at separate times, which allowed for a few of us to visit Liquid Sunshine Taproom (liquidsunshinetaproom.com), a full sports bar connected to the theater. It was quite convenient as a place to sit back and relax before the movie started and until the rest of our party arrived. With an extensive menu of freshly-prepared appetizers, salads, pizzas, wraps and sandwiches, as well as a wide selection of handcrafted cocktails, 48 craft beers, and great wines, there is definitely something for everyone!

Before the movie began, our server, who was very professional, did a great job of explaining the concept. We liked that we were each able to put in an initial order before the movie got started. From the traditional bottomless popcorn and pop to wraps, sandwiches, and burgers, to yummy desserts and shakes, we were overwhelmed (in a good way of course!) with all of the delicious menu options. We were duly impressed with how fast the drinks and food were brought out. The service is exceptionally quick and first-rate. The theater is very spacious, with all moviegoers seated in 26” leather rocking chairs, and the attached tables offer a large enough space for two people to share comfortably. The menus are available once you’re seated, and there’s even a tiny lamp under the table so you are able to view them in the dark. Your server comes right to you; all you have to do is write down your order on a piece of paper, put it right side up in the designated stand and your server will come grab it. You have access to order throughout the movie until around the 40-minute mark, at which point your check is promptly delivered. The servers were also very good about going back and forth without disturbing anyone.

Tickets can be purchased in advance, which includes reserving your preferred seating. The doors open 30 minutes before showing, and we do recommend going early to get settled into your designated seats. Another suggested option would be to share appetizers in the lounge before the showtime, which allows for face-to-face contact and sharing capability. Once you’re seated, it’s tough to pass down the line if you’re wanting to split with your crew. The service is so prompt they’ll have you taken care of inside the theater in no time!

Thank you Alamo Drafthouse Cinema (drafthouse.com/omaha) for an incredible well-rounded experience! Not only did we get to watch a spectacular movie, but the service, food, and drinks that accompanied the movie made it that much better! We very much look forward to coming back to visit soon as no other theater has the personality of Alamo Drafhouse.

If you are a business in the Omaha metro area that offers activities for staff outings and would like to be featured please contact us today! As for those who are considering planning a similar team-building activity or event, these are our recommendations for local businesses that can help you maximize your time while you treat your staff to a change of scenery and a chance to have some fun together outside of the office—whether it is just for a few hours or for the whole day. You’d be amazed at how much you will benefit personally and professionally from spending a little time together in a different environment! For more information on how to be featured please contact us at (402) 466-3330 or Office@StrictlyBusinessOmaha.com.