Ranferi Carbajal-Solis: MLCDC

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River City Six: Ranferi Carbajal-Solis

The Midlands Latino Community Development Corporation (MLCDC) (www.midlandslatinocdc.org) provides Latinos with opportunities to generate economic growth in the Midlands. Ranferi Carbajal-Solis is the Chairman and President of the Board of Directors for MLCDC.

Tell us a little about the organization.

We provide financial support to small business owners who would normally not qualify for loans at other financial institutions due to different factors such as lack of credit history or lower loan amounts. In addition to financial support, we provide technical assistance to get these business owners equipped with the knowledge and skills to run a successful business. This includes helping them with business plans, marketing plans, and support with other legal or regulatory needs.

Tell us a little about your background.

I currently serve as the District Manager for the Omaha Metro South Area and the Bellevue Community at Wells Fargo. I was promoted to this role in 2014 and relocated to Omaha. I began working for Wells Fargo in 2004 as a Teller in Austin, Texas after earning my bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas at Austin. Prior to that, I worked in the hospitality industry for seven years at Marriott and Four Seasons hotels in Austin. I earned my MBA from the University of Phoenix at Austin in 2009, and in 2012, I also founded my own business, Cinco Sentidos LLC, a Tex-Mex restaurant based out of Round Rock, Texas. I still serve as President. After numerous promotions at Wells Fargo, I was offered the opportunity to come to Nebraska.

How did you get involved in MLCDC?

In 2005, I co-founded the Wells Fargo Latin Connection Team Member Network Group (formerly known as Austin Amigos). I served and advised this TMN Group until 2009. Community involvement is very important to me, and I carried that into my work when I came to Omaha. My current district team collectively volunteers more than 500 hours each year. MLCDC is located where I live, work, and play, so I got involved and began volunteering with the organization.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced professionally?

Being new to the area, getting to know people in the community who are in a position to support and make a difference with similar causes has taken me a little longer than expected.

What is your favorite thing to do on a day off?

Read books, typically in literature, business, philosophy or religion.

What is the most unique or interesting thing about you that most people probably don’t know?

I love music and like to deejay.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Follow your intuition. Accept responsibility for your actions.

If you could choose only one descriptive word to be remembered as, what would it be?


If you could have a super power, what would it be?

To heal.

What is your favorite book or the last good book you read?

The Leadership Challenge by James Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner.

What is your favorite movie?

La Vita è Bella / Life is Beautiful.

If you could have dinner with one famous person from the past or present, who would it be?

It’s a tie between Abraham Lincoln and Jesus Christ.

If our readers would like to contact you, how should they do so?

They are welcome to contact me via email at ranferi.b.carbajal-solis@wellsfargo.com. To get in touch with the Midlands Latino Community Development Corporation, please contact Marta Sonia Londoño Mejia, Executive Director, at (402) 933-4466, via email at mlondono@midlandslatinocdc.org, or visit the website at www.midlandslatinocdc.org.

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