Lori Fischer Appointed Secretary on La Vista Community Foundation Board

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Lori Fischer of Benefit Professionals, Inc. Appointed Secretary on La Vista Community Foundation Board

Benefit Professionals, Inc. (www.benefitprofessionals.net), a Bearence Management Group Company, is proud to announce that Lori Fischer, Vice President, was elected to serve as secretary on the La Vista Community Foundation Board of Directors.

Fischer was recently recognized among the “Best of Benefit Professionals, Inc.” for her involvement in the community and on the Board. Benefit Professionals, Inc. is headquartered in La Vista and is a proud supporter of the community which the company is located, as well as the surrounding communities in which is does business. This aligns with the mission of the La Vista Community Foundation, which is to improve the quality of life where people live, work and play in La Vista. As such, the entire team at Benefit Professionals, Inc. strongly supports the organization.

Established in 1989, Benefit Professionals, Inc., a Bearence Management Group Company, is a group benefits brokerage firm. The professionals at Benefit Professionals, Inc. work with clients in Nebraska and Iowa, finding solutions to meet the individual needs of each when it comes to employee benefits. Benefit Professionals, Inc. continues to grow and celebrate successes, as it constantly explores new avenues in an effort to combat rising healthcare costs for both small companies and large corporations.

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