Jeff DeWispelare Named Omaha Home for Boys’ President & CEO

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Jeff DeWispelare Named Omaha Home for Boys’ President & CEO

Omaha Home for Boys ( recently announced that Jeff DeWispelare has been named President & CEO of the longstanding provider of services for at-risk youth effective January 1, 2018.

DeWispelare will be taking over the role of President & CEO as a result of the pending retirement of current President & CEO, Jeff Moran. Moran will act as President Emeritus at Omaha Home for Boys through May 2019.

DeWispelare has been with Omaha Home for Boys since 2012 acting as Chief Operating Officer where he was responsible for the oversight of daily operations. He brings 25 years of experience in the nonprofit sector to the role of President & CEO having served previously as a Group Vice President with the YMCA of Greater Omaha.

“I am truly honored to begin serving as President & CEO of an organization with such a rich history of helping youth and families on our community,” said DeWispelare. “I see a great future for Omaha Home for Boys as we continue to adapt to the changing landscape of youth residential care and innovate to bring new programs and services to vulnerable youth.”

DeWispelare’s appointment as President & CEO comes after the Omaha Home for Boys’ Board of Directors approved a succession and transition plan to replace Moran in November of 2016.

Omaha Home for Boys is a leading provider of services for at-risk youth and young adults through its residential care, transitional living and independent living programs. The Home aids more than 300 young men and women across Nebraska annually. For more information, visit