Open Door Mission Seeks More Volunteer Engagement in 2018

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Open Door Mission Seeks More Volunteer Engagement in 2018

Open Door Mission ( is beginning 2018 with a call for volunteers. “The 18,000+ volunteers who came forward to serve in 2017 were essential to the success of our work,” said Candace Gregory, Open Door Mission’s President/CEO. “We hope that more volunteers will be active with us in 2018.”

Volunteer opportunities at the Mission cover a wide variety of activities. Volunteers may help prepare and serve a meal in the Mission’s Community Kitchen and dining room, or hang up clothing for display in one of their neighborhood Outreach Centers. Volunteers provide essential help at events, or sometimes come as teams to make and distribute sack lunches.

“We hope to see a good number of new volunteers this year,” Ms. Gregory added. “There are dozens of ways to help. Just two hours a month on average – that’s 24 hours in a year – can help near-homeless and homeless individuals and families find their way through the challenges they face every day.“

To find out more, visit and click on the Volunteer link in the upper right hand corner of Open Door Mission’s homepage.