Nonprofit Salary and Benefit Report Now Available

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Nonprofit Salary and Benefit Report Now Available

The 2017 Nonprofit Salary & Benefit Report, which summarizes the results of a compensation and benefits survey from approximately 200 nonprofits in Nebraska and Southwest Iowa, has been published by the Nonprofit Association of the Midlands (NAM) ( and is now available for purchase.

The yearly Nonprofit Salary & Benefit Report is a tool to help organizations promote transparency, understand trends, attract the best talent and better manage their human capital. A record number of nonprofits participated in this year’s survey by providing NAM with information collected on salaries and benefits in 2016. The survey addresses questions regarding nonprofit employee pay, sources of revenue and benefits provided to employees. The report has been generated each year since 2007 as a way to build public trust, accountability and effective management of nonprofits in America’s corporate sector.

The 2017 Nonprofit & Benefit Report is a great way to ensure that Nebraska and Iowa organizations are attracting the best candidates with competitive salaries and benefits. Another way NAM furthers this mission is by offering an online Career Center. Regional nonprofit organizations can post job listings in NAM’s Career Center to recruit high quality talent, and job seekers can search for open positions.

Nonprofit Association of the Midlands (NAM) strengthens the collective voice, leadership, and capacity of nonprofits to enrich the quality of community life throughout Nebraska and Western Iowa. Find out more online at