Launch Leadership Announces Open Board Positions

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Launch Leadership Announces Open Board Positions

Are you a community member with a passion for bettering the youth of Nebraska? Launch Leadership ( is currently looking to fill several board positions!

Launch Leadership is a 501(c)3 non-profit, volunteer organization focused on developing leadership skills in young people. Its mission is to promote and develop youth leadership as a tool with which to better student leaders, schools and communities.

Launch’s goal is to spark the “fire” – an individual’s passion, courage and empowerment to change their schools, communities and the world through robust leadership skills. Services provided include two annual five-day summer workshops in Wayne, Neb. and dozens of year-round offerings all over Nebraska and in the surrounding region. All create a positive environment where students are empowered to discover themselves, build confidence, and develop leadership skills. Launch is based in Lincoln, Neb., with more than 200 active volunteers throughout the United States who have fostered a tradition of youth leadership for over 40 years. Collectively, they have created a culture of compassion, understanding, and collaboration.

During the month of August, Launch Leadership welcomes qualified individuals who would like to be considered to contact Megan Falke at (402) 320-2155 / Find out more about Launch Leadership online at