Thrasher Expands to Kansas Territory to Fill Shoes of Retired KS Dealer

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Thrasher Expands to Kansas Territory to Fill Shoes of Retired Kansas Dealer

Thrasher, Inc. (,  best known in Nebraska and Iowa for fixing leaky basements and failing foundations, will expand to cover Kansas this fall.

Greg Thrasher, founder of Thrasher, Inc. and Danny Morrow of Kansas Basement and Foundation Repair have been long-time friends and industry colleagues with shared Midwestern roots. For several years they’ve operated adjacent territories as members of the nation’s largest network of independent basement waterproofing and foundation repair contractors.

In recent years, the topic of retirement planning came up. Danny had several tenured staff members and knew that he wanted to leave his business in good hands for both his staff and existing customers. As he weighed his options, he knew that Thrasher’s business values aligned with his own and that his staff and customers would be taken care of.

After months of planning and outlining details for the purchase, the deal was closed on August 1. Thrasher will now serve Kansas (excluding the Kansas City metro area) in addition to its current service area in Nebraska, Western Iowa and Northwest Missouri. They hired on all 30 former Kansas Basement and Foundation Repair employees and are in the process of hiring for five additional positions in Kansas.

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